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Stop processing transcripts!
Let PDF-to-Data do it.

Accurately process PDF transcripts in minutes while saving staff time and improving prospective student experience.

PDF-to-Data takes the manual work out of processing PDF transcripts. Your staff has more time to help students. And your students’ transcripts get where they need to go sooner.

Fast, Accurate & Easy to Implement

Using the latest AI technology, PDF-to-Data captures your incoming PDF transcripts and converts them into machine-readable files in a PESC-approved XML or EDI format for use in your student information system or CRM − in minutes.

Once you sign up, we’ll create templates for your transcript senders using samples you provide to us during implementation. That’s it!

4 Reasons You Need PDF-to-Data:

It's hassle-free: There’s no hardware or software to download or maintain. No configuration or IT resources are required.
Uses AI
It uses AI. PDF-to-Data offers a perfect limited use case for AI because it can fill in data files using the template’s rules faster and more accurately than humans can.
It's accurate. The system reads your templates and correctly converts the data, no matter how the information was displayed in the original PDF transcript.
It's fast. Transcripts are processed in 5 minutes or less.

Why wait to offload your transcript processing to PDF-to-Data? ​ Get started today!

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