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Only our Custom Research team can put the unparalleled data resources of the National Student Clearinghouse – THE source for education insights − to work for you. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

You have questions. We have data.

Through our Custom Research, you can take advantage of the Clearinghouse’s decades of deep data resources and analytical capabilities to obtain reliable insights on learner outcomes.

Drawing on the unmatched national data resources managed by the Clearinghouse, our Custom Research team has successfully helped our clients answer their most pressing questions, like:

  • How do college attendance rates vary across my cohorts?
  • How has the pandemic affected the STEM enrollment of minority males?
  • How many of our 2-year students earned a bachelor’s degree?
  • Where should I look to diversify my recruitment of aerospace engineers?

Trusted By Researchers Nationwide

Researchers at educational institutions, leading foundations, state and federal agencies, and other organizations across the U.S. trust our Custom Research team to deliver the data-backed insights they require. From small grant-funded studies to major national research initiatives, we’ve helped all types and sizes of clients. And we can help you too.

Read samples of our custom research projects:

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The Clearinghouse Difference: Data

Why do so many researchers turn to the Clearinghouse? Because when you work with our Custom Research team, your project will benefit from the rich insights that are only available from Clearinghouse-managed data. No one can match the breadth and comprehensiveness of the educational data available through the Clearinghouse, which are:

Direct: Data is reported directly to us by over 3,600 postsecondary institutions nationwide

Comprehensive: Our data covers 97% of currently enrolled postsecondary students

Inclusive: All types of postsecondary institutions are represented: 2-/4-year, public/private, and nonprofit/for-profit
Deep: Virtually all current college students are included, along with insights going back several decades
Growing: More than 1.5 million records are added each year
Up to date: Records are updated every 30 to 45 days
Secure: We facilitate FERPA compliance and are committed to student privacy

Expertise You Can Count On

Our knowledgeable Custom Research team are experts at harnessing the Clearinghouse’s expansive national data ecosystem to deliver actionable insights across a wide range of projects. Our team will work closely with you to define the parameters of your study and determine how best to leverage our unique data resources to provide you with the answers you seek.

Our extensive portfolio of projects includes:

  • Measuring student performance against national benchmarks and other metrics
  • Uncovering enrollment, persistence, and mobility patterns and their relation to college completion
  • Determining the Influence of outside programs on college attendance and completion
  • Developing specialized variations of our Research Center’s nationally recognized reports
  • Pathways reporting on the number of individuals entering a specific field and where they come from
  • Deep longitudinal outcomes tracking of educational behaviors
  • Generating anonymized data sets to merge education data with outside data (like financial information or military service) and enable deeper analysis

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