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Make transcripts hassle-free for you and your students!

Automate your transcript ordering, processing, and exchange to give learners the fastest, easiest ordering experience on the market.

No one can beat Transcript Services' full array of features or our commitment to putting learners and institutions first.

Choosing Transcript Services means:

  • Less hassle. We'll automate your transcript processing and take about 95% of that work off your plate.
  • Satisfied students. Our student-friendly ordering experience gets learners their transcripts in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Lower costs and higher revenue. We reduce the time you spend on transcripts, cutting your costs and providing revenue-generating options for your office.
  • Free, comprehensive customer service. Our representatives support institutions, learners, and other people and organizations that receive transcripts.
  • Transparent pricing. Institutions won't pay a dime for our services.* Credit card fees are covered by the Clearinghouse, and we charge per transcript destination, not per copy.
  • Secure delivery — however you want it. We offer print, electronic PDF, and data exchange delivery options.

*If your institution wants to cover ordering costs for students and alumni, we can accommodate this.

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Features for Registrars

Give your registrar office staff simple, no-cost solutions.

Touch-free fulfillment for about 95% of transcript orders
Integration with any student information system
Free, unlimited electronic transcript exchange through Clearinghouse ETX
Secure, automated print-to-mail transcript fulfillment via SecurePrintSM
Real-time usage reports on transcript orders
Free customer support for you and your students
Transcript ordering for your students through Third-Party Ordering for Registrars

Features for Learners

Give your students and alumni a superior transcript ordering experience.

24/7 ordering from any device
Electronic transcript delivery in 15 minutes or less
End-to-end transcript order tracking, including text and email alerts

"Our use of [Transcript Services] from the National Student Clearinghouse have been a game changer. The ability to have our ordering, processing, and billing services in one place has greatly increased our ability to serve our students and alumni. During the COVID restrictions, Auburn was able to continue processing transcripts orders without interruption … and with little training due to the simplicity of the Clearinghouse services."

Jeff Amery

Associate Registrar at Auburn University